Tankavaaran Kultakylä

Mystical Kota Dinner

Come to our traditional Kota to warm by the fire and hear stories and tales about the mystical Lapland. During the evening you will enjoy a 3-course lappish dinner.

Life in Lapland goes together with nature and seasons. On our meal we serve local meat and tastes from nature.

Dinner menu

  • Cold smoked pike fish mousse and bread from the house (lactose free)
  • Sauteed local moose and mashed potatoes (lactose free, gluten free)
  • Bilberry panna cotta (lactose free, gluten free)
  • Drink menu is possible to order and you can choose wine or beer
  • Before dinner you will hear stories of Lapland and tales of this area
  • minimum 2 persons

Book your Kota dinner via e-mail info (at) tankavaara.fi or down below. When you arrive to Tankavaara Gold Village the staff in our restaurant will guide you to the lappish Kota.