Tankavaaran Kultakylä

Gold & Culture – 3 hour experience

Gold prospectors have been searching for gold in Lapland for 150 years and in Tankavaara Gold Village, we still continue this unique culture by teaching the secrets of gold panning to visitors every summer. We even borrow you all the equipment needed and you can keep all the gold you find! Gold & Culture day is suitable for groups, families and individual visitors.

Gold & Culture day includes:

– Guided 1 hour gold panning outdoors, guests can keep all the gold they find & we lend the equipment
– Entrance to the Goldmuseum to learn about gold prospecting in Finland and around the world
– 3 course lunch in restaurant Old Gold Prospector

All the activities happen in Tankavaara within short walking distance from each other.

When you arrive at Tankavaara Gold Village, you can park your car in the parking place right in front of our restaurant. Sign up for the activity in the restaurant, where you will receive your tickets and a map for a short walk to the gold panning area and the Goldmuseum. You can choose where you would like to go first; gold panning or to the Goldmuseum. Our guide will wait you at the gold panning area to teach you how it’s done and the Goldmuseum staff will gladly answer all your questions about gold prospecting in the museum.

– At the gold panning site, our guide will ask to see your reservation (either on paper or from mobile phone etc.) and then borrow you some rubber boots if needed.

After your gold-filled activities, stroll back down to restaurant Old Gold Prospector for a delicious three course lunch. The lunch includes salad buffet, daily changing main course, waffles with ice cream and coffee or tea.

You can book your experience via email: info (at) tankavaara.fi or online: