Tankavaaran Kultakylä

Day trip to visit a wild reindeer herd

This 5 hour full day trip takes you to visit a local reindeer herd with a local reindeer herder and guide Jenni.

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Our small group day trip is a unique look into reindeer herder’s life. Our local guide Jenni belongs to a Family of reindeer herders that can trace their family on the same location for hundreds of years with generations of traditional reindeer herding.

We will only take a maximum of 8 people on this trip which makes it a truly private encounter with the reindeer herd. If you can’t find available dates from the booking calendar, contact us at info@tankavaara.fi for available dates that fit your travel days.

Our reindeer herd day trip includes transportation, snowmobile sleigh ride to look for the reindeer herd, reindeer feeding, fireside local delicacies in traditional kota and a visit to traditional Finnish handcrafts workshop in a restored old farmhouse.You will get to live a moment of reindeer herder family’s everyday life – feeding the reindeer, chatting with the herder all while enjoying good local snacks. The reindeer are roaming free and can be tracked by the herder only. Just have a seat in our sleigh pulled by a snowmobile and soon you will be able to witness a large group of reindeer in the middle of the forest.

Excursions can be arranged from the end of December until April, depending on the weather conditions.

The trip starts with minibus transportation from Tankavaara Gold Village. The ride takes about an hour (our minibus has free wifi). Upon arrival at the reindeer herder’s house, we change to warm winter overalls and get helmets for the snowmobile sleigh ride. The sleigh ride takes us to the forest to look for the reindeer herd. We’ll take some reindeer’s favorite food with us, hay and lichen. With some luck, we might find ourselves in the middle of a reindeer herd consisting of hundreds of reindeer. The snowmobile trip takes about 10-15 min. When we find the reindeer herd, first we feed them while our local guide and reindeer herder Jenni tells us about reindeer life.

The experience is unique since the reindeer are not separated from us with fence nor they are tied to poles or trees. The herd can roam freely in the area. We’ll set up a warm fire in the woods and Jenni will serve snacks and home-baked traditional Finnish delicacies as well as hot drink in the kota-shelter. You can also practice throwing “suopunki” (reindeer lasso) in the woods. Suopunki is traditionally used to catch the reindeer. All the while the reindeer herd saunters around us (tip: great for photographers). We’ll take our time staying with the reindeer herd and enjoying snacks. Then we hop back into the sleigh and head to the minibus.

On the way back with the bus, we’ll visit an old traditional Finnish farmhouse that Jenni and her mom have restored into a handcrafts atelier and shop called Lapin Anna where you have a chance to buy truly local Lapland handcrafts.

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