Tankavaaran Kultakylä

Sauna Carousel in Tankavaara Gold Village

Come and enjoy the Sauna Day!

In Tankavaara Sauna Carousel you can test all the saunas of the Gold Village on the public Sauna Day on July 27th 2019. Saunas are available between 12 and 17 and the Old Gold Prospector staff can show you a map of the location of saunas. The saunas are located in the Tankavaara Gold Village area, the distances are not long.

You can also book private hours for special saunas after 5pm for an extra charge by e-mail info@tankavaara.fi.

Pre-registration for sauna is not necessary during the opening hours of the sauna event. Towels can be rented at the Old Gold Prospector restaurant.

The two saunas (Maasauna and Cottage sauna) have separately heated hot water, not running water. In the traditional sauna there are modern showers with running water and you can take a dip in the pond at the train sauna. You can also bring your own refreshments to the saunas. The shopping bus and restaurant Old Gold Prospector serve hungry and thirsty visitors.

Tankavaara Gold Village Sauna Carousel is part of the YLE Sauna Day, when the whole Finland goes to sauna! For more information about the Sauna Day campaign: https://yle.fi/aihe/saunapaiva




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